Best Portable Generators (2022)

When purchasing a portable generator it is important to choose the correct model for your needs. There are a few points that you need to take into consideration, the most important being listed below.

1. The DuroStar DS4000S

The DuroStar DS4000S
If you enjoy going camping, traveling across the country in your RV or you love spending weekends at your vacation home and away from the noisy city, then you most likely need a reliable generator. On the other hand, it does not hurt to have a generator in your home because storms and bad weather that can always lead to a power outage. And, nothing fits the aforementioned description better than the DS4000S generator from DuroStar. Available in a compact design and offering extra portability, this gas fueled generator is a great device to keep most of your household appliances up and running for 8 consecutive hours. Not only will it keep the power running so you can finish your chores, but it will also operate quietly so it does not disturb you from your tasks.
Item Name The DuroStar DS4000S
Wattage 3 300
Product Dimensions 23 x 18 x 17.5 inches
Product Weight 92.4 pounds
Shipping FREE Shipping
Amazon Reviews 550+ Customer Reviews
Amazon Questions 230+ Answered Questions
Amazon Rating 4.4
Amazon Link: See Price on Amazon

2. The Yamaha EF2000iSv2

The Yamaha EF2000iSv2
Not surprisingly, most customers who invested in this Yamaha model have been entirely satisfied with the generator and an overwhelming number of users gave it a maximum rating. This generator is safe to use with sensitive household appliances, such as a laptop, a mobile phone or a tablet. This extraordinary achievement has been made possible by its Inverted System with Pulse Width Modulation control, a mechanism that guarantees a consistent flow of current and stabilized power. Therefore, if you know that you need to use high-tech, sensitive devices during power outages, opt for a <>reliable inverted generator like this Yamaha model.
Item Name The Yamaha EF2000iSv2
Wattage 1 600
Product Dimensions 19.3 x 11 x 17.9 inches
Product Weight 44.1 pounds
Shipping FREE Shipping
Amazon Reviews 400+ Customer Reviews
Amazon Questions 200+ Answered Questions
Amazon Rating 4.3
Amazon Link: See Price on Amazon

3. The WEN 56352

The WEN 56352
The WEN 56352 is a versatile machine that powers quite a few important appliances, whether it’s for an emergency, a job site, or a hiking trip. The 3000 running watts it offers should be enough even for power-hungry appliances, and the power indicator tells you when it’s working, so you don’t need to look at a meter every time. The automatic low oil shutdown feature is also a nice touch, as it can prevent damage to the engine when owners don’t check the oil level regularly. Of course, it’s worth mentioning that the noise it generates is also fairly tolerable.
Item Name The WEN 56352
Wattage 3 000
Product Dimensions 23 x 17 x 17 inches
Product Weight 103.3 pounds
Shipping FREE Shipping
Amazon Reviews 370+ Customer Reviews
Amazon Questions 280+ Answered Questions
Amazon Rating 4.4
Amazon Link: See Price on Amazon

4. The DuroMax XP4400E

The DuroMax XP4400E
Some companies provide basic portable generators for your power needs, but there are those that will provide you with all the bells and whistles you’ll ever want in a portable generator. One good example of the latter is the DuroMax XP4400E. The DuroMax XP4400E is built to last, and the manufacturer’s attention to detail is evident right from the start.
Item Name The DuroMax XP4400E
Wattage 4 400
Product Dimensions 36 x 24 x 24 inches
Product Weight 120 pounds
Shipping FREE Shipping
Amazon Reviews 600+ Customer Reviews
Amazon Questions 300+ Answered Questions
Amazon Rating 4.1
Amazon Link: See Price on Amazon

5. The Champion 46539

The Champion 46539
One of the principle highlights of the 46539 model is its engine’s compliance with standards like CARB and EPA (fuel emission), which makes this generator usable in all states across the US, unlike most gasoline based generators. Furthermore, the achievements of the engine don’t stop here, because the ability to run uninterrupted for up to 12 hours is an industry peak. Next off, the remote control start of the unit is a feature that you will rarely see in electrical generators within this price range. It is also necessary to point out that the remote operates on RF signals, which implies that you can control the 46539 from up to 80 feet away.
Item Name The Champion 46539
Wattage 3 500
Product Dimensions 22.8 x 22 x 30.7 inches
Product Weight 140 pounds
Shipping FREE Shipping
Amazon Reviews 380+ Customer Reviews
Amazon Questions 180+ Answered Questions
Amazon Rating 4.5
Amazon Link: See Price on Amazon

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About Portable Generators

There are many reasons why you might like to invest in a best portable generator, being able to light up your home during a power cut being just one. A portable generator is great not just for those emergencies in and around the home but can be the perfect accompaniment to a camping trip or for when you need to cut your power supply to carry out work on your home.
Firstly, you need to consider the wattage of the generator that you intend to buy. The lower the wattage the more economical your machine will be. However, the wattage you choose for your purchase will depend on what you intend to use your generator for. For example, a generator that works to power a city in a black out has to be considerably more powerful than one that you simply wish to take with you on a camping trip.
To calculate the necessary wattage for your machine you can access one of many online tools and calculators. The calculation is quite simply and involves you adding together the wattages of the appliances you intend to run. When purchasing such a machine it is indeed important that it’s wattage requirements are sufficient, purchasing slightly on the higher size always being a good idea. Make sure you include all appliances that you intend to run simultaneously to obtain an accurate answer.
The second key issue to address when purchasing a portable generator is the fuel usage and run time. Each individual model will come with a stated fuel usage as well as a run time and you will need to gauge whether they are sufficient to your needs or not.
Lastly when choosing a portable generator you need to consider budget and price.

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