Best Projectors (2022)

Searching for the perfect projectors can be a daunting task. There are various types of projectors with many different specifications and qualities, if your not familiar with the variations then you could get lost very easily. Our aim is to help you find the best projector on the market.

1. The Optoma HD141X

The Optoma HD141X
Optoma projectors are considered to be ideal for home use. The HD141X model can display clear images with rich and bright colors on the screen. It claims to be one of the brightest digital home projectors in the market with impeccable video quality. You can see sharp, bright and clear images with Optoma HD141X projector. The HD141X 1080p HD projector has MHL capabilities to boot which is awesome when it comes to streaming videos, photos, and other contents straight from your smart phones, tablets, laptops and other mobile devices.
Item Name The Optoma HD141X
ANSI Lumens 3000
Product Dimensions 8.8 x 12.4 x 4 inches
Product Weight 5.4 pounds
Shipping Shipping Fees
Amazon Reviews 1200+ Customer Reviews
Amazon Questions 700+ Answered Questions
Amazon Rating 4.4
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2. The BenQ W1070

The BenQ W1070
The BenQ W1070 is a solid DLP Home Entertainment digital projector, rocking Full HD (1920 x 1080p) native resolution and supports 3D formats for those awesome surrealist movies. It is powered by DarkChip3 DLP technology with a 240W lamp providing up to 6,000 hours of life. This solid piece of equipment supports up to 200 inches of high definition projection real estate and also offers SmartEco technology which saves you money during those marathon movie weekend urges without sacrificing picture quality.
Item Name The BenQ W1070
ANSI Lumens 2000
Product Dimensions 9.6 x 12.3 x 4.1 inches
Product Weight 6.1 pounds
Shipping Shipping Fees
Amazon Reviews 1000+ Customer Reviews
Amazon Questions 500+ Answered Questions
Amazon Rating 4.5
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3. The Epson Home Cinema 2030

The Epson Home Cinema 2030
If you’re looking for a versatile, feature-packed, awesome looking digital projection system, then the Epson Home Cinema 2030 may be the one for you. The Epson Home Cinema 2030 provides Full HD 1080p performance in 2D or 3D. This home theater projector is also MHL-capable so you can stream your photo, video, or other media content from your smart phone, laptop, and tablet.
Item Name The Epson Home Cinema 2030
ANSI Lumens 2000
Product Dimensions 9.7 x 11.7 x 4.1 inches
Product Weight 6.4 pounds
Shipping FREE Shipping
Amazon Reviews 500+ Customer Reviews
Amazon Questions 300+ Answered Questions
Amazon Rating 4.4
Amazon Link: See Price on Amazon

4. The Viewsonic PJD7828HDL

The Viewsonic PJD7828HDL
If you are looking for an incredible audiovisual experience for your home theater, the ViewSonic PJD7828HDL home theater projector can be the perfect choice. The ViewSonic PJD7828HDL offers a great value for your money. Featuring 3200 Lumens, SuperColor technology, Full HD 1080p, user-friendly design, and a sleek white chassis, the ViewSonic projector offers an impressive home cinema experience.
Item Name The Viewsonic PJD7828HDL
ANSI Lumens 3200
Product Dimensions 9 x 12.4 x 4.1 inches
Product Weight 5.3 pounds
Shipping FREE Shipping
Amazon Reviews 140+ Customer Reviews
Amazon Questions 130+ Answered Questions
Amazon Rating 4.5
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5. The LG Electronics PF1000U

The LG Electronics PF1000U
The LG Electronics PF1000 smart home theater projector with Full HD 1080p picture quality, can project vivid images up to 100 inches from an exceptional short distance of just 15 inches. The LG PF1000U's LED light source displays natural colors and will last approximate up to 30,000 hours, meaning that if the projector is used 8 hours every day, the lamp will not require replacement for about 10 years, that's a really long period.
Item Name The LG Electronics PF1000U
ANSI Lumens 1000
Product Dimensions 11.1 x 5.2 x 4.5 inches
Product Weight 4.8 pounds
Shipping FREE Shipping
Amazon Reviews 120+ Customer Reviews
Amazon Questions 120+ Answered Questions
Amazon Rating 4.3
Amazon Link: See Price on Amazon

Best Projectors Video Guide

Best Projectors

The projectors are one of the most useful devices that are commonly used at many places today. Generally, in the corporate world, where presentations and live seminars take place more frequently, video projectors play an important role by projecting images, PowerPoint slides, videos etc. on a large screen so that every single person in the room can view whatever is shown on the big screen.
There are many people who often use projectors as home theaters, in their homes, to watch movies or documentary films.

What you should you consider before choosing a projector?

Projectors come in many form shapes and sizes. They have been revolutionized in a way and changed the way we live our lives dramatically with over the past few years. Projectors have replaced blackboards and whiteboards in school; They have changed the way we conduct business meeting and even transformed our entertainment industry. Its vital that you know what you need from a projector before beginning to search for an appropriate one.

What is your budget?
A reliable projector would cost anything between a few hundred US dollars to a few thousands. By Reliable I mean a projector from an established manufacturer.
There are situations where you could buy an unknown brand for example if your looking to buy a pillow, but with electronics I always recommend you to go with a well-know international brand. The obvious reason for this is reliability but you are also less likely to hit any software compatibility issues. Bigger cooperation also tend to have some sort of warranty and technical support which smaller manufacturers lack.
Things to Look Out for

ANSI Lumens
ANSI lumens are a measurement of the brightness of a projector. Generally, the brighter-or the more ANSI lumens-the better. This way, you won’t need to dim the lights so your audience can see the image clearly. Keeping the room bright also ensures that everyone stays alert and interested.

The resolution of an image is the degree to which small details are reproduced.
Type & No. of Dots
VGA (Video Graphics Array): H-640, V-480
SVGA (Super VGA): H-800, V-600
XGA (Extended Graphics Array): H-1024, V-768
SXGA (Super XGA): H-1280, V-1024
UXGA (Ultra XGA): H-1600, V-1200


Choosing the correct projector weight depends on how and where you present. If you often travel for presentations, choose a lightweight, more manageable machine. But if you intend to present in one location, where portability is less of a concern, you should consider a heavier unit, which will offer better resolution and higher ANSI lumens.

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