Best TV Wall Mounts (2022)

TV stand or wall mount – This is a basic predicament which people face once they have purchased a new LCD television. The flat screen TV wall mounts will affect viewing angles in the room in which you mount the flat screen.
In this article, you will find the 5 Best TV wall mounts, based on rating and reviews.

1. Best High-End – The Echogear EGLF1-BK

Best High-End - The Echogear EGLF1-BK
Full motion wall mounts provide the absolute most flexibility among TV wall mounts. Featuring up to 150° of smooth swiveling capability, the ECHOGEAR is large full motion articulating TV wall mount. The added benefit of an articulating wall mount is that it also allow you to turn your TVs tilt to the left or to the right. This TV wall mount is safety tested and UL certified.
Item NameThe Echogear EGLF1-BK
HoldVESA patterns up to 600 x 400 & TVs up to 70”
Product Dimensions17.9 x 12.7 x 3.1 inches
ShippingFREE shipping
Amazon Reviews4500+ customer reviews
Amazon Questions850+ answered questions
Amazon Rating4.7
Amazon Link:See Price on Amazon

2. Best Mid-Range – The Mounting Dream MD2380

Best Mid-Range - The Mounting Dream MD2380
Constructed from heavy duty steel, this durable TV wall mount can support up to 99 LBS loading capacity. The Mounting Dream MD2380 TV Wall Mount Fits 26-55" LED, LCD, OLED and Plasma Flat Screen TV. The Mounting Dream is RoHS certified to protect human health and the environment.
Item NameBest Mid-Range - Mounting Dream MD2380
Holdup to 99 LBS
Product Dimensions17.1 x 16.5 x 15.9 inches
ShippingFREE shipping
Amazon Reviews2300+ customer reviews
Amazon Questions440+ answered questions
Amazon Rating4.7 Stars
Amazon Link:See Price on Amazon

3. Best Inexpensive – The Cheetah APTMM2B

Best Inexpensive - The Cheetah APTMM2B
Cheetah Mounts have a very broad selection of items to choose from, from your basic slim mounts that are stationary all the way to dual are fully articulating mounts that can hold bigger screens. Cheetah Mounts have become a best seller through large retailers like Amazon and many other sites. The Cheetah APTMM2B TV Wall Mount for 20-75" TVs can support up to 165 pounds. Cheetah Mounts have gained a lot of customers because of the quality product produced at a competitive price.
Item NameThe Cheetah APTMM2B
HoldUp To 165lbs
Product Dimensions17.1 x 4.6 x 2.6 inches
ShippingFREE shipping
Amazon Reviews15000+ customer reviews
Amazon Questions1000+ answered questions
Amazon Rating4.5
Amazon Link:See Price on Amazon

4. The VideoSecu MW380B3

The VideoSecu MW380B3
Videosecu tv wall mounts have gained ground in the competitive market of wall mounts. Large retailers have picked a videosecu tv wall mount to be one of their wall mount products to distribute. Videosecu has become a top performer for many things and wall mounts is one of them.
VideoSecu MW380B3 Dual Arm Articulating Full Motion TV Wall Mount is the best choice to pick for you who enjoy watching bigger LCD and LED TV plasma screen (suitable for 37" 40" 42" 46" 47" 50" 52" 55" 58" 60" 62" 63" 65" 70" LCD and LED plasma screen). Build from high gauge steel, the VideoSecu MW380B3 can hold screens up to 165lbs.
Item NameVideoSecu MW380B3
SizeSize: 25-inch to 50-inch TVs, 37-inch to 70-inch TVs
HoldUp To 165lbs
Product Dimensions17 x 11 x 3.5 inches
ShippingFREE shipping
Amazon Reviews22250+ customer reviews
Amazon Questions1000+ answered questions
Amazon Rating4.6
Amazon Link:See Price on Amazon

5. The AmazonBasics

The AmazonBasics
The AmazonBasics Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount is suitable for 12-inch to 80-inch LED and LCD, Flat Screen TV. The articulating design provides the ability to swivel to the left or right and also the ability to change your televisions viewing angle. The AmazonBasics is built from heavy-duty aluminum and powder-coated steel to ensure long lasting performances.
Item NameAmazonBasics
SizeSize: 12-inch to 39-inch TVs, 22-inch to 55-inch TVs, 32-inch to 80-inch TVs
StyleTV Mount, TV Mount w/ HDMI Cable
Product Dimensions2.6 x 8.2 x 12 inches
ShippingFREE shipping
Amazon Reviews600+ customer reviews
Amazon Questions120+ answered questions
Amazon Rating4.6
Amazon Link:See Price on Amazon

TV Wall Mounts Video Guide

About TV Wall Mounts

The most basic kind of flat screen TV wall mounts is the low profile type. While this is the least expensive option when it comes to flat display TV wall mounts, the major drawback is that it is fixed, meaning it does not adjust in any direction. If you plan to mount the unit in a small room, this may be absolutely fine. These units are easy to install and can be done in under an hour with some basic tools most people own or can easily borrow. Check How to Wall Mount an LCD TV
It is important to be able to adjust the unit’s angle to alleviate glare or to get a better look at the screen if you are sitting off to the side. If the TV is mounted in a large room, rotating it up to 180 degrees might be desirable. Let’s take a look at the three basic types of flat screen TV wall mounts so you can determine which is best suited to your viewing needs and to your budget. Consider the room where you are going to mount the unit as you read through these descriptions.

The second option when looking into your purchase of flat screen TV wall mounts is the tilting wall mount. It’s middle of the road in terms of maneuverability, with a mid-range price tag to match. As indicated, it has a relatively simple installation, too, and affords you the ability to make vertical adjustments, like the screen on your laptop, with a pivot in the middle of the bracket. This is great for use in rooms where the side to side width isn’t large. The advantages of being able to adjust the flat screen up and down include the ability to reduce glare on the screen, and also getting a better viewing angle if you enjoy lying on the floor to watch the game or your favorite shows.

The most versatile style of flat screen TV wall mounts is the full-motion wall mount. The name says it all: adjust it side to side, and vertically as well. The horizontal adjustment is achieved with an extension arm that allows you to pull the unit away from the wall and then move it to get the view you want. You’ll pay a bit more for this option, but if your viewing room calls for it, you’ll love the ability to watch your flat screen from anywhere.

Pros of Wall Mount TV

  • Helps to reclaim floor space.
  • Reduces clutter.
  • Adds a cutting edge and a fashionable touch to contemporary style.
  • Transforms old fashioned living room or decor to a stylish modern one.
  • Hundreds of models available with varied features.

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