Best Paper Shredders (2022)

Today, more than ever, it’s extremely important to keep your information from falling into the wrong hands. Paper shredder can greatly reduce the opportunity for thieves to commit fraud or identity theft.
Read the following reviews to determine which paper shredder is best for your home or business.

1. The AmazonBasics Paper Shredder

The AmazonBasics Paper Shredder
We all have hundreds of important documents that need to be destroyed carefully. Simply throwing these documents out in the trash could leave yourself exposed to many crimes and risk. AmazonBasics shredders are the perfect tool for ensuring that the documents cannot be read again once they are discarded. This high-security, micro-cut paper shredder from AmazonBasics with 12-sheet capacity, except for all kinds of paper also can be used to destroy CDs, DVDs and credit cards.
Item Name The AmazonBasics Paper Shredder
Product Dimensions 17 x 13.4 x 24.3 inches
Product Weight 25.8 pounds
Shipping FREE Shipping
Amazon Reviews 3900+ Customer Reviews
Amazon Questions 300+ Answered Questions
Amazon Rating 4.5
Amazon Link: See Price on Amazon

2. The Fellowes Powershred

The Fellowes Powershred
Fellowes is a well-known brand with many years of proven reliability. While these shredders are often slightly more expensive than other generic models they will last much longer. The shredders are also very safe as they use Safe Sense technology. Many different Fellowes Paper Shredder models are available. This means that you should be able to choose one which suits your businesses or personal needs. The Fellowes 3229901 Powershred Paper Shredder is a high-performance shredder for your office, this shredder has three different levels of advanced jam-prevention along with a 100% jam-proof system that will never disappoint you.
Item Name The Fellowes Powershred
Product Dimensions 17.3 x 11.4 x 25.2 inches
Product Weight 44.5 pounds
Shipping FREE Shipping
Amazon Reviews 1500+ Customer Reviews
Amazon Questions 90+ Answered Questions
Amazon Rating 4.5
Amazon Link: See Price on Amazon

3. The Bonsaii EverShred

The Bonsaii EverShred
This heavy duty paper shredder by Bonsaii with patented cooling system and overheating and overloading protection technology is ideal for mass documents. The Bonsaii EverShred can run up to 30 minutes and it can destroy 3500 sheets completely without stopping. With 14 sheets shredding capacity, this machine shreds paper into tiny particles.
Item Name The Bonsaii EverShred
Product Dimensions 12.9 x 19.9 x 9.5 inches
Product Weight 19.75 pounds
Shipping FREE Shipping
Amazon Reviews 1000+ Customer Reviews
Amazon Questions 30+ Answered Questions
Amazon Rating 4.4
Amazon Link: See Price on Amazon

4. The Fellowes Powershred 455Ms

The Fellowes Powershred 455Ms
The Fellowes Powershred 455Ms paper shredder is 100% jam Proof and it powers through the toughest jobs. It has capacity to shred 9 sheets of paper per pass, and beside from paper this shredder will also shred CD and DVD’s, credit cards and staples. The Powershred 455Ms is ultra-quiet and safe machine. The features of the Fellowes 455Ms also include Auto Reverse and SafeSense Technology and an easy-to-empty 5-gallon bin that pulls out.
Item Name The Fellowes Powershred 455Ms
Product Dimensions 10.4 x 13.3 x 22.3 inches
Product Weight 30 pounds
Shipping FREE Shipping
Amazon Reviews 300+ Customer Reviews
Amazon Questions 30+ Answered Questions
Amazon Rating 4.4
Amazon Link: See Price on Amazon

5. The Aurora AS890C

The Aurora AS890C
The Aurora line of paper shredders includes a wide range of quality shredders that will suit all purposes. With a wide range of paper shredders, Aurora will have something to meet your needs. The Aurora AS890C is affordable 8-Sheet Cross-Cut paper shredder. This well-made shredder provides excellent features for the price, it is able to cut through credit cards and other sensitive documents.
Item Name The Aurora AS890C
Product Dimensions 12 x 7 x 16 inches
Product Weight 9.35 pounds
Shipping FREE Shipping
Amazon Reviews 1600+ Customer Reviews
Amazon Questions 450+ Answered Questions
Amazon Rating 4.2
Amazon Link: See Price on Amazon

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About Paper Shredders

Shredder types can be sorted by price, features, as well as by brand. There are many paper shredders on the market and the purchase price for these shredders can vary greatly by features. A shredder that produces crosscut shreds, which is also referred to as a confetti paper shredder, simply means that documents are cut in small strips which are short in length. While a crosscut shredder offers moderate document destruction capabilities, it is nowhere near as secure as a particle cut paper shredder or grinder. Confetti shredders are presently the most widely used type of paper shredder available for home office or light business use.
Shredder maintenance normally consists of regular cleaning and proper oiling of the blades for optimal use. A good paper shredder oil should always be available for application, which is dependent on the manufacturer’s recommendations and shredder duty cycle.
The type of shredder you ultimately decide to purchase, should reflect your specific documentation destruction needs and the amount of documents you intend to shred. Because of the costs associated with recovering from fraud or identity theft, the Federal Trade Commission recommends that all individuals and businesses properly handle and dispose of sensitive documents carefully.

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